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    Average Cheap Auto Insurance San Antonio Quotes = Annual Savings

    The state of Texas holds a high average premium rate at a whopping $1,678 per year. The city surprisingly averages out to a lower cost of just $1,619 annually. Better still is the premium going in Bexar County, at a slightly cheaper $1,612.

    Cheap San Antonio Car Insurance Calculation Factors

    All insurance companies take several details of a driver into consideration before deciding upon his premium rate. Some commonly known examples include gender, age, and accident history. Statistically proven, a teenage boy is more likely to get into an accident than a middle aged man; thus a higher rate may ensue. The most common of these looked upon factors include:

    • Location – It is by no means questionable that a larger traffic flow creates the potential for more accidents. A small town with a population of no more than a few hundred will be incredibly safer compared to a large city containing over a thousand drivers. Zip codes that the US Census reports having a higher population will see increased prices over those with fewer residents. In 2011, the city had a reported 1,334,431 inhabitants. That translates to a whopping 3,274 people per square mile.
    • Driving to Work – Another red flag to insurance providers are drivers who intend to travel particularly through peak traffic times, such as to and from work during ordinary business hours. Drivers residing in the city limits take an average of 20-25 minutes to reach their work destination, allowing for the incredibly high fatality rate that the city currently holds. 8.9% of auto accidents result in death in the city alone, just a bit higher than the average the state holds.
    • Auto Theft -¬†Just like an investor, the company providing you with your vehicular security blanket feels a little better if there is some security on their investment. Theft is a problem in every city nationwide, but the likelihood of being a victim greatly depends on such things as typical location, specific car models, and the use or lack of an anti-theft device. In the year of 2011, the city itself was home to a grand total of 59,641 vehicle thefts.
    • Education -¬†Highest level of completed education reflects immensely on a driver when applying for coverage. In general, those who have proven higher levels of education tend to see lower rates. San Antonio’s overall average premium is affected by its large percentage of residents that hold only a high school diploma or equivalent—24.2%. This number is slightly lower than the state averages at 24.8%. Only about 13.8% of the people within the city have attained a bachelor’s degree. This is not really an large percentage when compared to that in the state, which is about 15.6% overall.

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