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    Average Car Insurance Quotes in Houston, TX — Save Up to $485 per Year!

    Houston residents are caught somewhere in the middle in terms of vehicle insurance payments. Their annual average is $1,748 which is about a percent lower than Harris County. On the other hand, this figure is 4% higher than the mean around the entire Texas.

    Cheap Auto Insurance Houston — Recognizing the Factors

    There are so many things that could cause the rates to swings one way or the other. Their relative influences vary as well. The rule of thumb is that discernible patterns of risky behavior or circumstance translate into increased premiums. Examples are DUI convictions, numerous traffic violations, bad credit score, and so on. The following factors also figure prominently in the assessment:

    • Location — Insurance providers frown upon dense mega cities as these typically have elevated risk factors. The number of Houston inhabitants has risen to 2,108,278 in 2011, a 7.9% increase from 2000. Despite having a large population, the city is not as congested as others since the people are spread across a vast 579.4 square miles. The density is considered average at 3,629 individuals for every sq mi.
    • Driving to Work — Most people are chained to a traditional work schedule due to business necessities. Each day, millions of people wake up early and pour out on the roads in a familiar ritual. Their nearly synchronized schedules create heavy traffic, forcing many to drive aggressively just to get to the office on time. The number of accidents spike up as a result. Workers who have nontraditional hours are fortunate as they can avoid all the hassles and avail of automobile discounts due to their decreased risk. In 2009, there were 8.5 fatal accidents per 100,000 in Houston — exactly the same as the figure in Texas. It takes people roughly 27.4 minutes to commute to work on average.
    • Auto Thefts — Every year, the police department releases a list of the most frequently stolen car models. Owners of these vehicles should expect to be charged a higher premium, unless they negate their perceived risk through the installation of deterrents. Auto theft is a significant issue in Houston with 12,281 cases recorded in 2011 alone.
    • Education — Getting a degree may not be cheap but it usually pays for itself in many ways, including the privilege of rate cuts from insurance companies. Of the city’s population, 17.3% have graduated from college while 20.4% possess a high school diploma or its equivalent.

    When it comes to cheap auto insurance Houston residents have plenty of options. Just use the search tool on this page to get your free quotes. It’s your gateway to hundreds of dollars in savings every year.

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