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    Average Cheap Auto Insurance Dallas Quotes could mean Saving Money Monthly

    While Texans tend to suffer with higher premiums compared to other states in the country, holding a general average premium rate of $1,678 annually, not all the major cities are taking the financial hit. Collin County’s average rate is a much lower $1,592 per year. Dallas residents still seem to have it better, with an even lower and more affordable average bill of about $1,541.

    Cheap Dallas Car Insurance in Texas Contributing Factors

    All insurance providers will request an array of information regarding a driver’s past, present, and/or future to take into consideration before making a decision on the particular premium rate. A few of the most obvious factors are age, gender, and any accident history. Since a teenage boy fresh behind the wheel is more likely to cause an accident than a middle aged woman with a clean driving record, a higher rate may be charged to the boy. The most commonly viewed details that instantly affect annual premiums include:

    • Location - Increased traffic flow has proven time and again that more cars on the road translates to more potential for accidents. A small town with a couple hundred residents will report fewer collisions compared to a large city congested with over a thousand drivers. Zip codes that report a higher population will generally see higher prices than those living in less crowded areas. In 2011, Dallas had a reported 1,201,715 residents. That figures out to 3,508 people per square mile.
    • Driving to Work - On somewhat of a similar note, drivers who intend to travel during peak traffic hours, or ordinary business hours, may see a penalty for that misfortune. Dallas drivers average 30-35 minute trips to reach their work destinations, allowing for a lot of time to make mistakes behind the wheel. 7.6% of auto accidents result in death just in the city; a percentage just slightly lower than the average the state holds.
    • Auto Theft - The company providing your car with the financial security it needs to get on the road does feel a little better knowing there is some security on their investment. Theft is common everywhere and not always avoidable, but the likelihood of being a target depends on things like location, car models, and lack or use of an anti-theft device. In 2011, Dallas had a grand total of 7,984 vehicle thefts.
    • Education - A potential driver’s educational attainment also affects coverage rates. Usually, those who possess higher levels of education tend to see lower rates. Dallas’s residents holding only a high school diploma or equivalent is actually below even the state average, at 19.7%. However, 18.1% of residents hold a Bachelor’s degree. This percentage is higher than the state average, which is a low 15.6%.

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