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    Average Austin Insurance Quotes – Up To $283 in Savings!

    Each year, cheap auto insurance Austin only charges an average of $1,395. This is 4.94% less than the mean average of insurance rates within its County, and 17% cheaper than the state’s yearly rate.

    What Factors Could Affect the Cheap Austin Car Insurance Rate in Austin, TX?

    In determining the appropriate insurance quotes, insurance companies would often require certain information from you, like your age, your occupation, what type of car you have, and a lot more. Basically, here are the things they would often take into consideration:

    • Zip Code – Where you live is a major factor since zip codes with a higher number of inhabitants are charged more when it comes to insurance rates. The reason behind this is that more people means there are more cars, therefore, the likelihood of car accidents and thefts is also higher. There are 795,378 people within this city in Texas as of 2011, with an average of 3,162 people for each square mile.
    • Travel Time to Work – How much time it takes you to go to work and whether or not you travel during peak hours can also affect insurance rates. Driving to work during peak traffic hours may be an influential factor to have higher rates. The average travel time in Austin is around 15 to 20 minutes, and this city has a recorded 8 fatal car accidents for every 100,000 person count in the year 2009.
    • Car-related Thefts – Oftentimes, highly populated and urbanized cities have higher auto theft cases than those that are not. Also, there are certain car models that thefts are more likely to be interested in. Both of these could mean higher insurance rates, unless you invest in a highly effective anti-theft device. In 2011 alone, 2,139 cars were recorded stolen within this city in Texas.
    • Education Level – Surprisingly, whether you have a Bachelor’s degree or not plays a big part in determining if you are eligible for a cheaper insurance rate. In Austin, 25.7% of the population has a Bachelor’s degree, which is a whole lot higher than the average of the state, whereas only 17% has a High School Diploma, a whole lot less than that of the mean average of the state of Texas.

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    If you don’t live in Austin, don’t fret! There are still great deals to be had in Corpus Christi, Dallas, and Fort Worth!